Do you need to resurface your driveway? Or perhaps your local area would benefit from a new foot or cycle path? Bourne Surfacing & Civils can help you with all your resurfacing needs using the best quality tarmac Poole has to offer. You can be assured that our company will deliver an expertly-laid tarmac surface for your property.

Tarmac in Poole

Tarmac is a popular choice of material as it provides a smooth, durable surface for a number of purposes. Here at Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we are happy to undertake any project for tarmac in Poole, from driveways to highways. No matter how big or small the project, our highly experienced team will be able to resurface any area to your required standards.

When you choose us for your Poole tarmac, we use asphalt – a flexible, waterproof substance. Our tarmac in Poole is a very versatile material which when used and cared for appropriately, is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Is Poole tarmac right for you?

Our tarmac in Poole can be laid on almost any surface and is cost-effective as well as easy to maintain. We will work closely with you throughout the entire surfacing process, as well as provide you with the essential aftercare to increase the longevity of your new surface.

Foot/cycle paths  Tarmac Poole

Walking and cycling is a popular method of getting out-and-about, and it’s amazing what a difference a decent pathway can make to your comfort and safety.  Our Poole tarmac can provide the perfect ground for cyclists and pedestrians due to its solidity and predictability.  It has also been noted that asphalt tarmac is the ideal surface for runners, as it is softer on the joints and can even increase your speed.

We can use our Poole tarmac to make your roads safer by creating designated cycle paths and pedestrian walkways. We don’t just lay tarmac in Poole; our team of professionals can add sections of pathways in different colours to create clear signage for maximum safety on the new surfaces.


We know how much damage a pothole can cause drivers. It is essential that roads can sustain a large amount of heavy vehicles every day, and that they have a surface that is safe and easy to drive on. Our tarmac Poole service is a great way to eliminate the problem of potholes and other uneven road surfaces, ultimately allowing drivers to feel at ease on the road. We will tailor our tarmac Poole surfacing works to meet your standards.


Our team have a lot of experience in providing services for schools and colleges, as our Poole tarmac makes a great surface for sports courts and playgrounds. If your grounds need a refresh for the new school year, our tarmac Poole service can create fresh looking grounds for students to enjoy.

At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, our services don’t stop there. We can provide resurfacing for many other locations including:

  • Industrial estates
  • Retail parks
  • Sports surfaces
  • Private and commercial driveways

To have a look at some of the different surfaces we have laid tarmac in Poole for, then take a look at our gallery.

Why choose Bourne Surfacing & Civils

As the largest surfacing specialist for tarmac Poole is home to, you can be confident that when you invest in us, you will receive an efficient service with a professional finish. Bourne Surfacing & Civils have established relationships with the local authorities and councils, including taking on major projects for Poole tarmac such as the Twin Sails Bridge at Poole Harbour.

We have extensive experience laying asphaltic materials, so whether you need your home driveway resurfaced or are looking to refurbish your university campus; our tarmac Poole service is perfect for you. Our team are also skilled in carrying out tarmac Poole repairs for any cracks or stains in your existing surfaces. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote and discuss any particular colours or signage you require.

We understand that resurfacing can cause inconveniences, which is why we will discuss your needs with you and fit our service around the best time for you. To get more insight on our company’s versatility, take a look at our happy customer’s testimonials.

“Cleared all potholes around my area, had so much trouble with them. Fantastic company, did everything so quickly, couldn’t believe it. Worked really hard and the roads near me weren’t out of service for long at all, fast and fantastic company.”

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