Are you searching for top civil contractors for your tarmac surfacing venture? Look no further than Bourne Surfacing and Civils, as we are the go-to and most trusted tarmac experts. Our Bournemouth team has amassed over 25 years of experience in the surfacing business and cannot wait to take on your tarmac surfacing project. 

Our tarmac experts are the most seasoned contractors in Bournemouth, and we offer a wide range of tarmac options for private and commercial groundwork. We consistently deliver high-quality finishes, and our satisfied customer base is always growing here in Bournemouth. We offer the best tarmac and asphalt surfacing solutions regardless of the complexity of the project. 

Read on to learn how tarmac can be beneficial to you and discover how Bourne Surfacing and Civils can be of value to you with its comprehensive and bespoke services. 

The Number One Tarmac Bournemouth Company 

You name it; we flawlessly apply it. Our 25 years of experience allowed us to take on a wide range of tarmac surfacing projects for properties and developments. As the leading Bournemouth tarmac surfacing company, our services are very convenient because we offer outstanding tarmac designs and the quickest results in all of Bournemouth. 

Our services are comprehensive since we offer tarmac surfacing for domestic, commercial, and industrial settings across the South Coast. We have established relationships with local authorities, including Dorset County Council, to make sure all legal procedures run smoothly. For privately-owned premises, we will need to take permission first from Bournemouth authorities. 

Types of Tarmac We Provide 

We offer two distinct types of tarmac surfacing solutions, and they are open-graded and close-graded tarmac. The open-graded tarmac includes tiny particles that are aggregated inside the tarmac mixture, while the close-graded one is a denser composition. 

Tarmacking the Road

Not only do they differ in composition, but their applications are also different. The open-graded tarmac is used when you want a more permeable surface that absorbs water. When you expect a lot of water to accumulate, this option is preferred. On the other hand, the close-graded tarmac is less permeable, and it allows water to slide off rather than penetrate the surface. We use this option when aesthetics is a priority. 

Benefits of Our Tarmac Surfaces 

There are plenty of benefits that attract people to this viable surfacing option. To begin with, tarmac surfaces are highly resistant and resilient. They can handle all harsh weather conditions and make it hard for snow and hail to accumulate. These tarmac surfaces can also handle heavy-duty vehicles and lorries when they are parked. Even better, one of the tarmac’s unique characteristics is skid resistance, thanks to the smoothness of its finished surface. Tarmac is the right choice for you when you have a constrained budget. It allows you to obtain an attractive surface and still pay little compared to other more expensive materials like asphalt. Bournemouth citizens usually think that you need to break the bank in order to lay out a smooth surface, but tarmac has a great value for your dollar, making it a wise investment. Let’s not forget that tarmac is also durable. 

This type of surfacing is incredibly easy to install with a short drying period. This is convenient for you and your family since you won’t have to park outside for so long to wait for it to dry. Even better, tarmac can be directly installed onto any street condition, and that’s a convenience you won’t find in many materials in Bournemouth. 

As for the maintenance, tarmac outperforms many other materials. Of course, there has to be some wear and tear damage after the installation in a few years. However, tarmac is fairly easy to repair, and you can do it by yourself or hire a professional to do it. Rarely do drastic damages occur, but in this case, a new layer must be installed over the older one. 

Other Services We Offer 

Here at Bourne Surfacing and Civils, we are committed to offering only the most comprehensive Bournemouth tarmac services locally. Not only that but we are also dedicated to delivering a set of very extensive services here in Bournemouth. These services would include resin bondings, civil engineering works, machine lay, asphalt, planning, paver hire, and hand lay. 

Our Bournemouth specialists are the key to any surfacing job you need here in Bournemouth. Please take a look at our gallery page to discover all the previous Bournemouth tarmac and non-tarmac jobs we have completed over the years.  

Why Come to Us for Our Tarmac Services? 

In addition to the fact that our Bournemouth tarmac services are the best quality Bournemouth tarmac services you can find here in the UK, our team of Bournemouth tarmac specialists have a great network with numerous blue-chip Bournemouth agencies for construction. These would include Bournemouth agencies such as IntegraScandor, and Interserve.  

Here at Bourne Surfacing and Civils, we take all Bournemouth tarmac jobs, whether they include the biggest Bournemouth highway contract or a simple Bournemouth driveway reinstatement. Our Bournemouth tarmac experts are dedicated to providing all the Bournemouth surfacing needed in every Council building that might need it. As a matter of fact, we have previously completed the Bournemouth surfacing of the Twin Sails Bridge initiative. 

We are also excited to announce that we are affiliated with some of the biggest Bournemouth utility suppliers like Durkin and Sons, Carillion, SembCorp Bournemouth Water, and even Wessex Water. We have even expanded our Bournemouth area coverage to reach the London Area and Hyde Park. 

The Tarmac Specialists You Can Trust 

To ensure that we cater to all your needs and street specifications, we have invested in a specialized working plant and equipment over the years. The good news is that all our Bournemouth staff members are able to operate the equipment seamlessly, regardless of how complicated our machines may seem. 

Now’s the time for the nitty-gritty details that you may be wondering about. Our equipment includes 18-ton paving machines, 10-ton ide-on rollers, 360-degrees excavators, dumpers, and pedestrian rollers. And that’s not all of it! Our newest addition to our fancy Bournemouth collection is the superior Bobcat T190 planer with its two main types of attachments: the multi-use bucket attachment and the rotary brush attachment. 

Regardless of project complexity, we are the people for the job. Consider hiring us whether you have a large tarmac construction job or a simple backyard renovation because we have seen it all here in Bournemouth. 

Contact Us Today 

If you have questions or still are unsure about what we can offer you in Bournemouth, don’t hesitate to contact us. Bourne Surfacing and Civils are committed to delivering only the best surfacing solutions for Bournemouth citizens. We will cater to all your needs and Bournemouth road conditions. 

Reach out to us today, and we’re happy to assist you with all your inquiries regarding our services or expertise in Bournemouth. You can contact us by dialling 01202 240375 or calling us on Mobile 07801 531504.  

Here at Bourne Surfacing and Civils, we have compiled a team of surfacing experts that are guaranteed to answer your every surfacing need here in Bournemouth. Our team of seasoned surfacing professionals have over two and a half decades of surfacing experience under their belt, and we cannot wait to walk you through your next surfacing venture.