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If you are looking for the best team to take care of your playground in Bournemouth, you have come to the right place. Here at Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we offer you the premier playground resurfacing installation and repair services. We take pride in our experience of over two decades in the industry, and we assure you we can install safety surfacing for your playgrounds, no matter the type.

We can install and repair a variety of hard and soft play surfaces, including playgrounds, tennis courts, and parking lots. Furthermore, we provide a variety of athletic surfaces to help you enhance your performance and avoid severe injuries on the court. We can take care of your sports surfaces, such as Badminton, Football, Tennis, Squash, and Bowls.

Whether you have an emergency repair or need a complete renovation, you can contact our professional team. Contact us today by calling us on 01202 240 375, and a member of our friendly team will gladly answer all your inquiries.

Superior Playground Surfacing Bournemouth Residents Can Trust

Parents and children always want to get the most out of a playground for fun and safety alike. For this reason, our Bournemouth residents need a sturdy and reliable playground safety surfacing for their playground, and our specialist team are the best for the job.

At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we take pride in our extensive experience in safety surfacing and maintenance of playgrounds all over Bournemouth. To maintain the playground at its best state, you need the premier safety surfacing, which is what our experts are ready to provide quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

Bourne Surfacing & Civils has the expertise and equipment to bring any park or playground back to its former beauty. You can ensure an appealing and long-lasting outcome by investing in a professional resurfacing and repair service, which will entice families to return again and again. We use high-quality surfacing materials to guarantee that your Bournemouth playground has been safe and attractive for many years.

Advantages of Asphalt over Tarmac Surfacing

Many people are unaware of the differences in advantages between asphalt and tarmac surfacing, both utilised in driveway paving and other applications such as playground flooring. Tarmac (short for tarmacadam) is made by covering crushed stone or gravel with tar and mixing it. On the other hand, asphalt is a newer version in which bitumen replaces tar (a byproduct of petroleum distillation). As a result, asphalt has many advantages over tarmac surfacing and can be an excellent choice for your playground flooring.

Once you get your asphalt flooring installed, you can be assured that it will require less care over time than tarmac and that if it does, it will be restored promptly and inexpensively. Furthermore, for large areas such as playgrounds, asphalt is typically less expensive than tarmac.

Tarmac is not re-usable. On the other hand, asphalt may be scraped off the surface, recycled, and used for a different project or purpose. Asphalt is the more environmentally friendly option for your play areas when compared to the tarmac. Asphalt enhances tyre traction and is a safer, more acceptable choice for playgrounds since it has a smoother surface and finish than tarmac. Because tarmac aggregates are more significant than asphalt aggregates, this is the case.

Bespoke Playground Installation and Repair Services

Children are full of energy and like nothing more than running about a playground, but the ground might get worn or damaged over time due to regular wear and tear. Bourne Surfacing & Civils has the expertise and equipment to bring any park or playground back to its former beauty here in Bournemouth.

We ensure we install and repair your playground with safe surfacing to maintain the playground for a long time while keeping everyone safe. Because the quality of a playground is all in the details, we give coloured surfaces and thermoplastic line markings to make it a fun area for kids. We take pleasure in our work and pay close attention to the minor details to ensure that the final playground meets or surpasses our Bournemouth clients’ expectations.

How to Carry Out Play Area Maintenance?

Play areas are fun for everyone, but the key is the safety maintained for all to keep this secure place sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. After you get a playground installed, you can adopt preventive measures to maintain your playground without it leading to any more significant problems, thus making use of your investment maximum.

If you would like to maintain the safety of your playground, you can follow the simple proceeding steps, which will help your playground last longer and be more robust. As your first step in playground maintenance, you should get regular checks and cleaning, which helps remove any dirt on the playground’s surface or flooring. If damage occurs at any point, you should call our Bournemouth team before it gets worse. Our team are the experts you should contact whenever you need to repair any issue in your flooring. Lastly, make sure everyone wears the proper footwear that does not hurt the flooring and the people alike.

Safe Playground Surfacing Materials

Rubber, synthetic turf, and engineered wood fibre or mulch are the most popular surfacing materials for today’s commercial playgrounds due to their excellent impact absorption properties, minimal maintenance needs, high longevity, and resistance to microbiological development. In addition, many rubber surfaces contain a significant percentage of recycled rubber tires, making them ecologically beneficial.

Synthetic turf playground surfaces, on the other hand, are one of the most popular surfacing alternatives. Some of this is due to a greater focus on accessibility and ADA compliance. Still, some of the top synthetic turf producers have concentrated on creating goods and solutions exclusively for the playground sector, contributing to its development.

Finally, wood-based products such as Engineered Wood Finer (EWF) and mulch are the most often utilised playground surfacing materials. They are easily accessible, simple to install and have a lower initial cost than other choices. They also offer a pleasing natural appearance, which is essential to many parks and facility owners who want a surface with the surroundings.

We here at Bourne & Civils offer you playground installation choices that would fit your needs with perfect asphalt flooring, and we will guide you through the options and the benefits of each one that would fit your Bournemouth property. So, you can rest confident that our playground installation will exceed your expectations.

Our Resources

You can trust Bourne Surfacing & Civils to invest in high-quality resources so that we can provide the best asphalt installation and maintenance services in Bournemouth. We have invested in the most outstanding and appropriate plant and gear throughout the years to ensure that we can provide all of the services that our clients require.

Each of our expert surfacing crews has modern crew vans equipped with warm water washbasins and microwave ovens to provide a clean environment. Furthermore, we are entirely self-sufficient with our fleet of pickup trucks and 6-wheeler tipper wagons for transporting vital tools, supplies, and gasoline.

Why Choose Our Bournemouth Asphalt Contractors?

We are proud to be the top asphalt paving contractors in Bournemouth at Bourne Surfacing & Civils. Consequently, we can handle any of your driveways and outdoor playground flooring surfaces, providing you with the most beautiful and long-lasting results. We have over two and a half decades of expertise in the sector, which has allowed us to broaden our asphalt knowledge to cover all bases.

Our excellent reputation reflects our dedication to providing the highest quality surfacing in Bournemouth. So, when you pick Bourne Surfacing & Civils, you can expect exceptional service from our well-trained staff and a fleet of well-maintained plant equipment.

Gallery and Testimonials

We are pleased with our clients’ excellent reputation, which represents our paving expertise and friendly atmosphere. Our outstanding services, which are always efficient and provide a beautiful flooring finish, regularly surpass the expectations of our Bournemouth clients. As a result, many of our clients return for further work and refer us to their friends and coworkers.

You may examine the reviews for yourself by visiting our testimonials page. You may feel secure knowing that your asphalt playgrounds are in good hands. You may also assess our work for yourself now that you’ve learned a lot about our asphalt playground surfacing services in Bournemouth. You can go through our gallery to see a variety of projects of all sizes and complexities. Our excellent work in Bournemouth could perhaps inspire you for your next paving job!

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