Dorset Driveway Resurfacing

Is your driveway looking a little worse for wear? If so, you need the best driveway resurfacing Dorset has seen, and only one company is capable of delivering on such a promise – Bourne Surfacing & Civils. With years of experience, we will transform the exterior of your property into something attractive and increase its value. Don’t settle for second best, choose our Dorset driveway resurfacing service.

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The best choice for driveway resurfacing in Dorset

Dorset driveway resurfacing

A worn-out and tired looking driveway can severely decrease the appearance of your domestic, commercial or industrial property. In this modern day and age, creating a great first impression is vital. By choosing a professional driveway resurfacing Dorset service, visitors to your premises are sure to be impressed. For homeowners, having a smart driveway will increase the value of your property for when you decide to sell your home.

What can Bourne Surfacing & Civils do for you?

Whatever the state of your driveway, Bourne Surfacing & Civils are here to help. Every driveway resurfacing in Dorset is carried out by our professional team using high-quality materials and tried and tested techniques. Before we begin, we will first carry out a full survey of your driveway to assess the level of work required. Afterwards, you will be supplied with a highly competitive Dorset driveway resurfacing quotation.

Our company has a full collection of cutting-edge equipment to ensure that all aspects of road and driveway resurfacing in Dorset are covered. All of our members of staff are expertly trained in delivering exceptional Tarmac, Asphalt, machine lay, hand layup, paver hire, resin bonding, surface dressings and civil engineering work. Plus, with our full tarmac aftercare guide, we’ll show you the best way to maintain your drive in excellent condition for longer.

In addition to Dorset driveway resurfacing, our exceptionally talented team also carry out work on a range of surfaces including:

- Footpaths and cycleways

- Retail and industrial sites

- Roads and motorways

- Schools and colleges

- Sports centres

Benefits of choosing a driveway resurfacing Dorset service

When it comes to having Dorset driveway resurfacing carried out, it’s worth noting that despite the cost, the benefits make it a worthwhile investment. Have a read below, as we have listed the key advantages of choosing our driveway resurfacing Dorset specialists:

Dorset Driveway ResurfacingLooks amazing

Nothing looks worse than a driveway that is riddled with cracks, littered with potholes or all broken up. A driveway in this condition can ruin the overall aesthetic appeal of any property no matter how much work you put into renovating everything else. As the drive is the first thing that most people see, it’s worth investing in driveway resurfacing in Dorset as we will make your drive look amazing!

Increases the resale value of your property

Continuing from the above point, your driveway is the first thing that people see, and that includes potential buyers. With off-road parking often seen as an impractical option, having a driveway that is in a serious state of disrepair will likely put off most buyers.

Those who are interested aren’t as likely to offer as much, especially if they have to shell out for the Dorset driveway resurfacing themselves. To avoid this issue and increase the resale value of your property, give Bourne Surfacing & Civils a call.

Provides a safe spot to park your vehicle

A heavily worn or damaged driveway can have the same impact on your vehicle as a road that it’s in a similar state. An uneven surface that is littered with potholes and cracks can cause damage to your tyres, suspension and even your exhaust. To protect your vehicle, choose the most reliable company for driveway resurfacing Dorset has experienced.

Quality workmanship

You might think that it would be easier and cheaper to resurface your driveway by yourself. While it might be cheaper initially, the costs will stack up in the long-run. Issues will occur more frequently, and your driveway will require constant repairs to keep it in working order. Our driveway resurfacing in Dorset entails quality workmanship that will ensure a long-lasting, low-maintenance surface that will save you money on costly repairs.

Why choose our Dorset driveway resurfacing company?

Since launching in 1996, Bourne Surfacing & Civils has quickly become one of the leading driveway resurfacing companies in Dorset. Our specialist team perform road resurfacing work for industrial, commercial and domestic customers who want high-quality work completed. We will undertake all sized projects, no matter the amount of work involved.

Other reasons why you should choose Bourne Surfacing & Civils as your driveway resurfacing team:

  • Competitively priced
  • Complete a thorough health and safety assessment on every job
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Free quote
  • Fully qualified and trained team
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • We consult you with all our work plans
  • Work around your schedule

Our excellent reputation of being a brilliant surfacing company has led us to with work with many Local Authorities, including Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset County Councils.

“Excellent service, couldn’t off asked for anything better. Did wonders to our school car park and even finished our playground for us, the kids love it. Did everything in the school holidays, worked every day to get it finished. Reliable and very friendly company to work with.”

Surfacing and Commercial Surfacing in Dorset


Check out the past projects our team have completed and view our gallery. Alternatively, we have a couple of videos that show recent work, completed by us, in Dorset.

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