Tarmacadam Driveways

In the 18 years since the business began, Bourne Surfacing & Civils has established itself as the primary surfacing specialist in Bournemouth. As a provider dedicated to tarmacadam driveways, The Surface Company has aligned itself with a wide range utility providers to extend the best possible service to various business areas.

The best tarmac driveways The best tarmacadam driveways

Bourne Surfacing & Civils provide an exceptional service that extends across an array of services dedicated to tarmacadam driveways across Bournemouth.  Only the best possible delivery of such services is acceptable. With over 15 years of training and experience, the highly skilled teams are able to adhere to every tarmacadam need.

Do you find a lack of safe public footpaths an issue when wanting to go for a walk? Bourne Surfacing & Civils is here to deliver a timely and impeccable service to driveway tarmacadam in Bournemouth. Our company is dedicated to avoiding any hazards that may arise on a footpath and achieve this by splitting pavements into walking and cycling sections. Making travel ideal for walkers and cyclist.

The same level of high service is provided to an array of ground and roadwork across the field of tarmacadam in Bournemouth.  Bourne Surfacing & Civils also specialises in tarmacking roads/highways and delivers its standard impeccable service to this field of work.

At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we pride ourselves on the being the leading provider for tarmacadam services to schools in Bournemouth.  Our teams of experts understand the importance of excellent surfacing and timely delivery when working with schools.

Why Bourne Surfacing & Civils is the only choice for tarmacadam driveways

Aside from the uniquely individual service that you will receive from our specialist team with over 15 years experience, Bourne Surfacing & Civils takes pride and care in the work that they provide to their clients. Our company makes itself fully available to clients who are looking for a solid service provided to domestic, commercial and even industrial developments.

As a leading specialist in the field of tarmacadam driveways in Bournemouth, Bourne Surfacing & Civils are able to give a service using only the best equipment available. Such high-end levels of equipment include 18 ton paving machines, ride on rollers and the vastly popular bobcat T190 planer.  This is all made available to you at an honest, affordable rate.

Our company is clearly the primary choice for tarmacadam driveways.  Our customers have written glowing testimonials about the fantastic work that Bourne Surfacing & Civils has provided for them. Clients have stated how our work to tarmacadam driveways has given them a sleek finish and professional appearance. With every client highly recommending our leading business for all work required for driveway tarmacking. You can find all testimonials over at Bourne Surfacing & Civils website.

Previous clients

At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we have worked with a broad array of clients such as:

  • Bournemouth Council
  • Poole Council
  • Bournemouth Water
  • Wessex Water


Head over to Bourne Surfacing & Civils’s gallery to witness first-hand previous projects completed by our tarmacadam driveways experts.


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