Has your driveway seen better days? Are you looking to increase the value of your home? If so, a stunning new driveway from Bourne Surfacing & Civils is just what you need. Our asphalt paving driveways are cutting edge and guaranteed to last you many years.

Asphalt paving for driveways Asphalt Paving Driveways

Don’t settle for a worn and pockmarked old surface, enlist our professional team today for results that are sure to please. At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we are a cut above the rest and specialise in delivering asphalt paving for driveways that are first-class. Whether you are refurbishing an existing surface or installing a new one, give our team a call to see what we can do for you.

How can Bourne Surfacing & Civils help?

Whatever your goal, our experts can help. Get in touch and we will arrange a time to visit your property. We precede every project with an in-depth survey that includes a detailed health and safety risk assessment. You will then be supplied with a competitively priced quote detailing the work required. As a company, we can resurface driveways regardless of their condition, and we can also work alongside building contractors to add a driveway to a new build.

Once you are happy with your quote, our team will set about installing your new driveway. Should any asphalt paving be present we will remove this and grade the area to prevent any water from settling and ensure that it flows away correctly. We will then compact the base soil and apply a substrate of crushed rock before laying the asphalt and compacting it to achieve a flat surface. To ensure the highest quality for our driveways, our asphalt paving team will carry out a final inspection upon completion. The area will then be hosed down so that it is ready for use.

Why use asphalt paving for your driveways?

Asphalt is a material that has been around for decades and today is used for a wide range of applications. From roads and motorways to forecourts and airport runways, asphalt paving is a popular choice due to its high durability. Driveways comprised of asphalt paving can also be customised with stylish brickwork options making them a highly attractive option for any home.

Plus, thanks to our superb tarmac aftercare guide, you will have all the information that you need to ensure a long life for your asphalt surface. Also, in addition to driveways comprised of asphalt paving, we can provide other fantastic surfacing options such as:

Why choose Bourne Surfacing & Civils for asphalt paving driveways?

At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we pride ourselves on being the number one choice for asphalt paving for driveways. From local authorities to utility providers we are trusted by a wide range of commercial companies and our domestic services are second-to-none. Since forming in 1996, we have actively strived to build a reputation that is the envy of our competitors.

As the leading driveways asphalt paving specialists, we are committed to supplying the right people for every job. Each member of our team has been trained to a high standard and fully certified so our customers know that they are in safe hands. Our work is fully certified by BMTRADA to ISO 9001 standards and we are accredited by UKAS Management Systems. Plus, we supply a wide range of cutting-edge plant equipment so we can tackle any job regardless of size.

If you have been putting off hiring a company to supply you with asphalt paving for your driveways due to the cost, now is the time to act. At Bourne Surfacing & Civils, we regularly benchmark our services against those offered by our competitors to ensure that we remain both competitive and affordable.


For the best asphalt paving driveways imaginable, get in contact with Bourne Surfacing & Civils today on 01202 240375.